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Brawl erupts after UFC vet Darren Till wins boxing bout by TKO

Darren Till’s combat sports career continues to be anything but normal.

Till competed on Saturday’s Social Knockout 3 event at Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai against influencer Mohammad Mutie, and the exhibition match ended in a drama.

During an exchange in the clinch, Till landed a rabbit punch to the back of Mutie’s head. It looked insignificant, but Mutie acted as though he was badly hurt, falling to the canvas and needing the referee and doctor to check him.

The contest was waved off, and shortly thereafter Mutie got back to his feet and approached Till in a hostile manner. He got physical and started a brawl with multiple others entering the ring. Eventually they were separated and cooler heads prevailed, then both men came to the center of the ring and Till was awarded the TKO victory.

“This is fighting – you get hit,” Till said in his post-match interview. “If you don’t want to continue fighting, don’t fight. He’s not a fighter. He’s trying to be a fighter. He’s a coward. Then when I’m minding my own business he comes and attacks me. I’m so sorry. I am not that guy. I am a respectful guy. I love fighting. I love Dubai, I’ve been coming here since 2016. I’m standing here minding my own business and he came over and attacked me with his team. I’ve got to defend myself, so I’m sorry about that guys. I am.”

Till, 31, was originally scheduled to make his boxing debut against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on July 20 in Texas. However, when the headliner of that card between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson was postponed, his fight was scratched.

The Brit then decided to accept the offer on Social Knockout 3, but admitted afterward it was a wholly unserious endeavor, as proven by the results.

“I took this fight on five days’ notice against this coward – he didn’t want to fight,” Till said. “I just wanted to get in the ring and play about. There’s people that really do want to fight. Jake Paul, Tommy Fury, Mike Perry. They’re all running, those scared cowards. They do not want to fight me. I promise you. I swear to God, I am not a four-round, two-minute fighter. I am an eight-round, three-minute fighter and I will f*cking decapitate them.”

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