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Bryce Mitchell brands Elon Musk the 'false prophet' during fiery rant

Bryce Mitchell isn’t a fan of ‘fake’ Elon Musk and let his thoughts be known during a recent interview.

‘Thug Nasty’ isn’t afraid to share his personal beliefs and religious views, no matter who it may upset. The UFC featherweight often finds time to speak his truths for fans, and his time spent on the PBD Podcast was no different.

While speaking with Patrick Bet-David, Bryce Mitchell opened up about his outlook on Elon Musk. Mitchell insists Musk is fooling the world and essentially hiding his true evil.

“Somebody that has fooled everybody, but he simply cannot fool me — Elon Musk.” Mitchell claimed.

“I think that he could possibly be, now I could be wrong. I could be completely wrong, but based off of what I think, he could possibly be the false prophet who presents the mark of the beast to the world and presents the Antichrist on the world stage. That’s how evil I think he is.”

Mitchell later explained his thoughts, revealing exactly why he believes Elon Musk to be the false prophet.

“So, why do I think it’s Elon Musk? Well, there’s two pieces of evidence that are more significant than any other pieces of evidence.”

“One, it says in Revelations the false prophet will deceive with fire from the sky. Elon Musk has this fake space program called Space X, and let me tell you, he hasn’t been past the firmament. No man has ever been past the firmament.”

“He has not been in space, he has not put a rocket on Mars, he’s not done anything he said he did. He’s not a scientist, he’s not a propulsion engineer, he doesn’t make electric cars, he pays people to do it for him. He’s one of the greatest scammers humanity has ever seen.”

“I think he’s actually a step further than just a con-artist, I think he’s evil embodied. And I can say that with confidence because, like I said, one piece of scripture, the false prophet will deceive with fire from the sky.”

Mitchell continued, giving more reasons for why he links Elon Musk with evil.

“Here’s another piece of evidence. Elon Musk is inventing chips that are going into people’s brains. And I’m telling you, that is the behavior to look for when you’re talking about the Antichrist.”

“There’s going to be a mark in everybody’s head and there’s going to be a mark on their hand. That’s what they call the mark of the beast, and I’m telling you Elon Musk, if he hasn’t invented the mark of the beast yet, he is laying the groundwork for the Antichrist to take that mark of the beast and implement it on all humans.”

“Elon Musk has actually put a chip in somebody’s brain and convinced them that they’re healthier now. I’m telling you, that’s beyond a con-artist. That is evil embodied.”

“To lie to somebody to the degree that you can tell them, ‘Hey, put this chip in your brain and I’ll help you.’ He’s going to convince millions of people to put that chip in their brain. And I’m telling you right now, he sounds like the false prophet and the false prophet is going to present the Antichrist.”

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Bryce Mitchell later targeted Elon Musk’s uber-popular company’s, insisting that those who align themselves with Musk’s products are enabling evil.

“Tesla’s, they’re garbage. He’s conned everybody by believing these electric vehicles are so great, it’s the biggest scam I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Here’s why they’re inhumane. Because to get all the power for them batteries, you have to mine all of these elements, and that’s all done by child labor.”

“So, people thinking, [they’re] helping the environment, dude, you’re increasing the demand for child labor. Because that’s how all these batteries are made, it’s child labor.”

Check out the entire Bryce Mitchell PBD Podcast interview below.


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