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Darren Till involved in huge brawl after unfortunate end to boxing debut

Darren Till was hoping to capture the headlines after making his boxing debut this weekend, and he did just that — though, not for the right reasons.

‘The Gorilla’ is a huge name in combat sports and finds himself in high demand of late. While his next career move is uncertain, his attempt at entering the boxing work came to a disappointing end on Saturday.

Midway through the 2nd round of his exhibition boxing bout, Darren Till landed a seemingly soft blow to the back of Mohammad Mutie’s head. While many expected the fight to continue after a brief stop in the action, that wasn’t the case.

Mutie was deemed unable to continue, bringing an end to proceedings.

Following the illegal strike and the subsequent end to the fight, Mohammad Mutie returned to the ring to confront Darren Till.

This caused a brawl to break out, forcing officials and several members of each team to stop the altercation from escalating any further.

During the madness that ensued inside the ring, mixed martial arts veteran Darren Till was on the receiving end of a single leg takedown.

Mutie managed to grab hold of Till’s leg and drag him to the ground as the former UFC title challenger closed the distance.

Surprisingly, Darren Till was awarded the victory. The Brit then wasted no time in calling out a number of fighters he’d love to face next.

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“I just wanted to get in the ring and play about,” Till said about his exhibition boxing debut. “But there’s people I do really want to fight.”

“Jake Paul, Tommy Fury, Mike Perry. They’re all running, they’re scared cowards. They do not want to fight me, I promise you.”

“I swear to god. I am not a four-round, two-minute fighter. I am an eight-round, three-minute fighter, and I will f***ing decapitate them.”


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