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Diaz vs. Masvidal fight night weights: Jorge Masvidal gained more than 28 pounds ahead of Nate Diaz bout

Jorge Masvidal spent most of his MMA career competing at either lightweight or welterweight, but he hit the light heavyweight mark on fight night in his majority decision loss to Nate Diaz this past Saturday.

As part of the California State Athletic Commission’s continued fight against extreme weight cutting, the governing body released the fight night weights from the Diaz vs. Masvidal card on Monday in a message sent to MMA Fighting.

Masvidal actually experienced the biggest weight gain by percentage for anyone competing at the event, stepping foot on the scale at 175.2 pounds on Friday and then weighing 204.1 pounds on Saturday. The 28.9 pounds gained by Masvidal was a 16 percent increase in body weight, which could potentially flag him as a candidate for the commission to recommend a change in weight classes moving forward.

That seems unlikely, however, because Masvidal spent the majority of his career in UFC competing at 170 pounds, so it’s doubtful he’s going to make any drastic changes now.

As for Diaz, he weighed 175.6 pounds at the weigh-ins and then 190.2 pounds on fight night. The 14.6 pound weight gain was only eight percent of his overall body weight.

By the time they threw hands in the ring, Masvidal outweighed Diaz by nearly 14 pounds .

Diaz ultimately earned a majority decision win in an entertaining 10-round affair. Afterward, he called for future fights against Jake Paul and reigning UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards.

Out of the entire 11-fight card, there were a total of 11 fighters who went over the 10 percent threshold the commission flags for weight gain.

Here’s the full list of fight night weights for the Diaz vs. Masvidal card from this past weekend along with the percentage of weight gained for each fighter:

  • Nate Diaz (175.6 to 190.2 pounds = 8 percent) vs. Jorge Masvidal (175.2 to 204.1 pounds = 16 percent)
  • Daniel Jacobs (169.2 to 188.7 pounds = 12 percent) vs. Shane Mosley Jr. (167.6 to 187.5 pounds = 12 percent)
  • Chris Avila (175.6 to 186.5 pounds = 6 percent) vs. Anthony Pettis (175.3 to 184 pounds = 5 percent)
  • Curmel Moton (133.5 to 152.7 pounds = 14 percent) vs. Nikolai Buzolin (137.7 to 148.4 pounds = 8 percent)
  • Arnado Vargas (134.1 to 143.2 pounds = 7 percent) vs. Sean Garcia (138.1 to 147.1 pounds = 7 percent)
  • Devin Cushing (131.9 to 143.6 pounds = 9 percent) vs. Manuel Correa (131.2 to 144.7 pounds = 10 percent)
  • Alan Sanchez (146.3 to 161.2 pounds = 10 percent) vs. Dan Hernandez (140 to 154.5 pounds = 10 percent)
  • Steve Dunn (213.5 to 213.5 pounds = 0 percent) vs. Gabriel Costa (206.1 to 210.1 pounds = 2 percent)
  • Jose Aguayo (149.9 to 166.3 pounds = 11 percent) vs. Bryce Logan (149.7 to 165.8 pounds = 11 percent)
  • Kenneth Lopez (175.8 to 196.3 pounds = 12 percent) vs. Andres Martinez (173.2 to 179.7 pounds = 4 percent)

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