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Ian Machado Garry decisions Michael Page at UFC 303

The UFC 303 main card kicked off on Saturday with a welterweight bout between seventh-ranked Ian Machado Garry and 14th-ranked Michael “Venom” Page.

Page entered the fight coming off a promotional debut win over Kevin Holland in his last outing in March.  The former Bellator MMA standout was on a two-fight winning streak.  Garry made the walk to the octagon inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas undefeated and predicted that he’d outclass the Englishman.    

Page pressured Garry early in the opening round.  He bounced on the outside in his sideways karate-style stance.  Garry remained patient looking to counter.  Page threw a front kick and Garry caught it and put Page on his back 90 seconds into the frame.  

Page worked to stand as Garry looked to takes his back.  Garry took his back and applied a body triangle.  Garry locked on a rear-naked choke.  Page desperately tried to defend the submission attempt and did.  Garry remained on his back with the body triangle locked in place.  Garry delivered short left hands in the closing seconds.  MMAWeekly scored the round 10-9 for Garry.  

Page inched forward and landed a hard right hand to start the second round.  Page switched stances and moved into the pocket with a right hand.  Page connected with another right hand.  Page appeared to be the faster of the two.  Garry connected with a counter right hand.  Page closed the distance and Garry clinched.  Garry delivered knees to the legs of Page and foot stomps.  Garry dropped down for a leg.  

He isolated a leg and Page landed a punch to the body.  Page fell to his back and Garry let the leg go and scrambled to his feet.  Page connected with a combination and then a side kick to the body.  Page leaped in with a flying knee.  Garry moved away and Page landed his jab.  Page’s right hand found a home again.  On the fight, Page was having his way.  MMAWeekly scored the round 10-9 for Page.

Garry landed his jab to start the final round.  He delivered a leg kick.  After taking a kick to the body, Page closed the distance.  Garry changed levels and pulled guard.  Garry applied a body triangle from the bottom.  Garry delivered elbows from the bottom.  Page stood out of Garry’s guard.  Page missed with a huge right hand.  Garry changed levels and took Page’s back.  

Page remained standing with Garry on his back.  Garry worked to secure a choke.  He delivered a few punches and went back to searching for the choke.  Garry delivered short left hands in the closing moments.  The final frame was a tough round to score.  MMAWeekly scored the round 10-9 for Garry.  

The judges scored the fight for Garry via unanimous decision.  The scorecards read 29-28, 29-28, and 29-28.  


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