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Jorge Masvidal labels Nate Diaz and his team 'cowards' after press conference brawl

Jorge Masvidal hasn’t held back when talking about Nate Diaz ahead of their upcoming fight.

Masvidal and Diaz have put their MMA careers to the side and are now set to lock horns in the world of boxing. The former UFC stars will collide when they step into the ring on July 6.

As their fight draws near, Jorge Masvidal recently had a lot to say about Nate Diaz. Masvidal called Diaz and his team cowards for their actions during the pre-fight press conference last month.

“My coach that’s in his mid-40s and isn’t a professional fighter, getting attack by a professional fighter and one other guy and being on the ground and getting kicked and punched, to me, you guys are cowards.” Masvidal told CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri.

“Whatever bro. It’s f***ing coward sh*t. He’s fine. He’s a soldier. He comes from the hood like me so he’s alright. But you don’t do that sh*t.”

“He’s a coach. I’ve never attacked a coach in my life. Especially someone who is in their mid-40s or closer to their 50s… That’s the person you set out to attack? Two of you f***ing Nate Diaz’s gimps. It just shows what type of character that them and Nate are because Nate started that whole sh*t.”

“There was no pushing or shoving. His guys f***ing immediately tried to do his dirty work and he took off. He didn’t even come back and ride for his people. It shows what a coward of a general he is.”

“He had all his gimps there and he couldn’t even show face for his gimps. He’s probably hoping I’d get hurt, my hands, punching one of these f***ing morons.”

Masvidal continued, discrediting Nate Diaz for his lack of fight promotion despite their bout taking place this Saturday.

“If we were salesman and we were working off commission, that motherf***er wouldn’t be eating because hasn’t done sh*t.”

“From the start of it, he wanted to go on a date that was just stupid to me. I know the guy has been in a lot of wars. You can tell by the way he f***ing stutters. He can’t even get his words out.”

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“I get it, the guy is not the brightest. But holy smokes, if you’re not the brightest get out of the way and let the people that know what they’re doing do their job. This guy wanted to go when UFC was having a huge pay-per-view, Islam Makhachev vs. Dustin Poirier. Sean Strickland was also on the card. Nate was deadset on going on that day.”

“Brother, you’re not a f***ing boxer. You don’t have boxing fans behind you. You have one f***ing boxing fight against a non-boxer. You’re not a boxer. Your fanbase you f***ing dumb idiot is the UFC. So you don’t want to go up against the UFC.”

“This fight could have took place on May 25. As far as partnership and working with this f***ing moron of a person, never again in my life. I really got to find out what a diva he is and how dumb of a diva he is. I just can’t wait to f***ing fight.”

Check what Masvidal told CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri below.


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