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Michael Page explains why he considers Ian Machado Garry a 'fake Conor McGregor'

Rising welterweight star Ian Machado Garry grew up a short drive from Dublin, Ireland when Conor McGregor rose from a local promotion champion to superstardom in the UFC.  Predictably, Garry was influenced by McGregor’s success and wanted to emulate McGregor’s achievements.  

On Saturday, the undefeated Garry (14-0) takes on former Bellator standout Michael “Venom” Page (22-2) on the UFC 303 main card.  Leading up to the fight, Page has seized in on Garry’s admiration of McGregor saying he considers “The Future” simply a ‘fake Conor McGregor.’  

“Obviously, you can see how much he’s been inspired by Conor McGregor.  And I get it.  Many fighters away from Ireland have been massively inspired by Conor McGregor.  He was there, when he first started to see someone like Conor McGregor blow up and seeing him be the giant figure that he is in MMA now.  I understand the inspiration,” Page said during the UFC 303 Media Day.

“Trying to do exactly what he does is what I call fake because your personality may not actually be like that which is why people are not necessarily resonating with you,” Page continued.  “Whereas with Conor, you’re trying to play the exact same role.  With Conor, people love Conor.  He has this massive fanbase.  With you, people hate you, and I think it’s because we can all feel when something is not real, when it’s not authentic.  I feel it’s not authentic with Garry therefore he’s fake Conor McGregor.”

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Page may not like Garry’s persona, but he doesn’t take emotion with him inside the octagon.  He believes Garry has done ‘really well’ thus far in his career, but made a big mistake accepting the fight with him.         

“He’s new and he’s done really, really well.  You’ve seen it with so many people, quick rises.  I think a lot of the time with quick risers you get quick falls as well,” Page said.  “Very confident young man who’s doing really well.  Has massive belief in himself and just made one bad decision in accepting the fight with me.”

“I take him seriously.  I like to play around and have jokes, but I do take him seriously,” Page continued.  “I do respect this talents.  I just think I’m better than him.”  

Garry will enter the octagon at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday ranked seventh in the welterweight division.  Page is ranked just inside the Top 15 but has the opportunity to leap ahead of several fights with a win.  


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