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Nate Diaz explains why smoking weed is a benefit for fighters

Since the beginning of combat sports, there has been a stigma against those who smoke marijuana. Despite the negative look some have placed on smoking, Nate Diaz believes weed may have beneficial uses for fighters.

Throughout the 30-year history of the UFC, there has arguably been no more predominant smokers than the Diaz brothers‘. The two have been open about their usage, so much so that they used their popularity to start their own CBD company, GAME UP Nutrition.

While discussing marijuana during a recent interview, fan-favorite Nate Diaz claimed that smoking has helped him with cardio — something he is known for having an abundance of.

“I think weed is good for you, honestly,” Diaz told Demetruous Johnson. “For one, it helps your lungs because they got to be in shape to be smoking weed all day.”

“For two, I think it keeps me aware and conscious of, like, let’s say I’m out of shape, right? And then I go and do five, five-minute rounds of grappling with you. If I go in there and go hard [as if] I’m in shape, and I’m not in shape, I think I’m going to be — if I’m smoking weed especially — I’m going to be conscious of how hard I should be going.”

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“And how I’m treating the level of intensity that I’m attacking with off the type of shape I’m in… It keeps me aware of a lot of sh*t.”

“I’ve been in good shape for fights and not as good shape for fights, and training.”

“I’ve been in horrible shape for training and came in, smoked, and done five, five-minute rounds of MMA and f***ing grappled a bunch of rounds,  shadow boxed afterwards, and did my thing. But, I attacked him like I was in the shape I was in because I smoked smoke weed and kept conscious of it the whole time.”


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