ANAHEIM, Calif. – Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will both make no more than half a million dollars in disclosed salary for Saturday’s boxing match.

The 175-pound matchup, which takes place at Honda Center, will see both headliners multi-six-figure sum to step in the ring for their 10-round bout that airs on Fanmio, DAZN PPV and UFC Fight Pass.

MMA Junkie today verified a list of salaries for the athletes on the “Last Man Standing Card” from the California State Athletic Commission.

Check out the full disclosed purses below.

Kenneth Lopes vs. Andres Martinez

Kenneth Lopes: $18,000

Andres Martinez: $600

Jose Aguayo vs. Bryce Logan

Jose Aguayo: $40,000

Bryce Logan: $6,000

Steven Dunn vs. Gabriel Costa

Steven Dunn: $500

Gabriel Costa: $2,500

Alan Sanchez vs. Luis Lopes

Alan Sanchez: $55,000

Luis Lopes: $22,500

Luciano Ramos vs. Dan Hernandez

Luciano Ramos: $5,000

Dan Hernandez: $3,500

Devin Cushing vs. Manuel Correa

Devin Cushing: $60,000

Manuel Correa: $15,000

Amando Vargas vs. Sean Garcia

Amando Vargas: $100,000

Sean Garcia: $50,000

Curmel Monton vs. Nikolai Buzolin

Curmel Monton: $40,000

Nikolai Buzolin: $8,000

Chris Avila vs. Anthony Pettis

Chris Avila: $210,000

Anthony Pettis: $350,000

Daniel Jacobs vs. Shane Mosley Jr.

Daniel Jacobs: $100,000

Shane Mosley Jr.: $160,000

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal