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Popular streamer IShowSpeed involved in street fight

IShowSpeed often finds himself caught up in controversial situations, and the recent news surrounding his name is no different.

The popular entertainer became one of the biggest streamers on the planet due to his brash and outlandish nature. He is now a well-known influencer, managing to amass north of 20 million followers on Instagram alone.

His fans are no strangers to seeing IShowSpeed put himself in compromising positions. Well, he has done so once again, this time while visiting in Greece.

As he often is, Speed was surrounded by a group of fans as he walked through the streets of Greece, but one fan began heckling the streamer. The chirping continued as the man insisted on fighting the 19-year-old.

Before long, IShowSpeed obliged. The two put boxing gloves on and began throwing combinations at one another in the street. The heckler looked amateurish, while Speed himself seemed to have some knowledge of the sweet science.

While nothing too damaging looked to have landed, the social media star’s aggression was the story of the fight. 

Watch IShowSpeed brawl in the streets of Greece below.

IShowSpeed’s fighting history

IShowSpeed is passionate about several sports — with soccer being at the forefront.

Despite his sporting past, combat sports is not among his interests, though he has fought on camera before.

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Late last year, Speed was invited to a sparring session with KSI. The light spar was streamed for millions to see and, as expected, KSI wiped the floor with the much less experienced Speed.

The British YouTuber has dedicated years of his life to boxing and is considered one of the key factors to the success of influencer boxing.

KSI will headline Misfits 17 on August 31 where he collides with not one, but two different opponents.

Watch KSI take on IShowSpeed below.


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