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Ryan Garcia makes huge Sean O'Malley fight proposal

Amid the controversy that surrounds his name in the boxing world, Ryan Garcia is hoping to continue fighting in a different sport, and he has the perfect opponent in mind.

Garcia skyrocketed to new heights in his popularity over recent years, and recently scored the biggest win of his career to cap it off, though that has since changed. The California native originally took Devin Haney’s undefeated record before later failing a drug test and getting his victory overuled to a no contest.

Alongside the victory being scratched off, Ryan Garcia now faces a one year ban from boxing. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Garcia has his sights set on a big career move.

The 25-year-old wants to see his ongoing social media feud with Sean O’Malley unfold into something more. While talking to TMZ Sports, the boxer spoke of his plans in the near future.

“I’m retiring for a year so they don’t get the satisfaction for suspending me because it’s bull[sh*t],” Garcia said. “I never took steroid in my life.”

Garcia later called out UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley for a fight either inside the octagon or in the bare knuckle boxing ring.

“I like Suga Sean because he defended me, but if he really wants to run it in the UFC, I’ll run it. Or bare knuckle. Sh*t, I’m ready to fight anybody at this point.”

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Sean O’Malley has had a lot to say about Ryan Garcia during his rollercoaster year.

While it is unclear what’s next for the rising boxing star, all signs are suggesting that O’Malley will be stepping into the octagon again later this year.

Although nothing has been confirmed, the general consensus is that ‘Suga’ will put his bantamweight strap on the line for the second time against the well-deserved title contender Merab Dvalishvili.


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