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Ryan Garcia threatens to beat up Bhad Bhabie's abusive ex-partner

Footage of social media influencer Bhad Bhabie being abused by her baby father recently surfaced and Ryan Garcia hasn’t taken it well.

‘King’ Ryan was recently banned from boxing for one year after he allegedly took a banned substance. The ban came after his brilliant performance against Devin Haney, but he has now found a new way to feed his fighting urges. 

The controversial Ryan Garcia has sprung to the defense of popular internet personality Danielle Bregoli — otherwise known as Bhad Bhabie.

Sickening footage recently surfaced, showing the 21-year-old being violently abused by her baby father. The man can be seen dragging her to the ground by her hair on multiple occasions during the 20-second clip.

Garcia saw the video on social media and immediately jumped to the victim’s defense.

More images were later released, showing the just how much pain Danielle Bregoli had to endure. 

Understandably, those pictures didn’t sit right with Ryan Garcia who then again offered a helping hand. Making a pun on Bregoli’s initial rise to fame, Garcia promised that the abuser doesn’t want to ‘catch him outside’.

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Since becoming a viral meme, Danielle Bregoli managed to use the new-found fame to her advantage and is now an incredibly successful businesswoman. 

Since her appearance on Dr. Phil in 2016, Bregoli found success in several different lines of work. Firstly, she made a name for herself in the music industry under the Bhad Bhabie stage name before branching out into other money-making avenues.

According to the woman herself, she made a ridiculous amount of money through the online subscription service OnlyFans. Bregoli brought a core following to the platform and reportedly made a staggering $18 million in her very first month on the site.

She has since became a mother to a daughter, giving birth in March earlier this year.


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